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Return to Bristol

After almost a year working on an important project in the sight of the Preseli hills, Pembrokeshire, I, Kevins decoration service can announe the resumption of a full decorating srevice in Bristol and the surrounding area. So if you require a decorating solution in the short term or a long term project to discuss please don't hestate to contact me at to start the process underway or view the web site and look up Projects


Taming dust

Dust creation is part and parcel of the preparation process of most decorating tasks but its also your main enemy.It makes for a bad working environment, is time consuming to clear up and the conventional methods of tidying create air borne particles that settle in time on all surfaces, making for unsatisfactory finish product.

For over a year now I have been using the unique Mirka Abanet dust free sanding system removing the offending particles at sourse and I must say that both my clients and I have been extremely impress with the resuilts. Check out the product yourself, by clicking on, Mirka dustfreesanding and picture below to look at gallery


Flexible working

 It's important in this day and age for the painter and decorator to offer a service outside of the standard working day. Flexibility to adapt to our clients needs is fundamental to a quality service. Busy domestic households require the painter and decorator to keep disruption to the family to a minium.  Business clients have other needs as any interruption that affects their ability to trade, can severely affect income and cause public irritation.

Recently I was employed by a small Bristol based business( the Bristol climbing Academy)to revamp their entrance lobby, cafeteria, male and female toilets. With a little bit of negotiation and with specific choice of materials I was able to work from Sunday evening to Monday lunchtime over a number of weekends. This had zero impact on their trading and they were pleased with results. If you have considered a revamp at either home or in your business but have put it off with concerns of disruption, why not give me a call and maybe we can come up with a creative solution from your flexible contactor.


Projects update

Due to the lost my camera in the middle of Dartmoor I have been unable to add to the projects page with any recent jobs. However with a little bit of detective work and a couple of good people it was found and returned me, thanks to those involve. Check out the new addition in the project page, a central Bristol period town house finished in ,Farrow & Ball,.



Legend Brushes

It may seem a little nerded to discuss the tools we use but quality tools are the difference between a premium finish and the standard job. So when it comes to paint brushes most think the only difference is price and one brush is as good as others.

I have used, like most professional decorators, the UK’s top brands: Hamilton, Purdy, both pure bristle and synthetic, and we generally stay loyal to one particular brand. However once in a will a new product comes on the scene - well it came from New Zealand and it wasn’t so new to them.

It is a hand made brush called "Legend" that has fantastic balance and a unique combination of synthetic bristles that allow prolonged use with great accuracy for a sharp finish. For the last two years I have use Legend’s and would find it hard to revert to any other of the fore mention products.

I think its important for you to know how concerned I’m about quality and how it affects your projects, and brush choice is just one way I’m doing this.