Legend Brushes
February 7, 2011
Kevin in Legend, Tools

It may seem a little nerded to discuss the tools we use but quality tools are the difference between a premium finish and the standard job. So when it comes to paint brushes most think the only difference is price and one brush is as good as others.

I have used, like most professional decorators, the UK’s top brands: Hamilton, Purdy, both pure bristle and synthetic, and we generally stay loyal to one particular brand. However once in a will a new product comes on the scene - well it came from New Zealand and it wasn’t so new to them.

It is a hand made brush called "Legend" that has fantastic balance and a unique combination of synthetic bristles that allow prolonged use with great accuracy for a sharp finish. For the last two years I have use Legend’s and would find it hard to revert to any other of the fore mention products.

I think its important for you to know how concerned I’m about quality and how it affects your projects, and brush choice is just one way I’m doing this.

Article originally appeared on Reliable Decorator in Bristol (http://www.kevinsdecoration.com/).
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