Flexible working
January 20, 2012

 It's important in this day and age for the painter and decorator to offer a service outside of the standard working day. Flexibility to adapt to our clients needs is fundamental to a quality service. Busy domestic households require the painter and decorator to keep disruption to the family to a minium.  Business clients have other needs as any interruption that affects their ability to trade, can severely affect income and cause public irritation.

Recently I was employed by a small Bristol based business( the Bristol climbing Academy)to revamp their entrance lobby, cafeteria, male and female toilets. With a little bit of negotiation and with specific choice of materials I was able to work from Sunday evening to Monday lunchtime over a number of weekends. This had zero impact on their trading and they were pleased with results. If you have considered a revamp at either home or in your business but have put it off with concerns of disruption, why not give me a call and maybe we can come up with a creative solution from your flexible contactor.

Article originally appeared on Reliable Decorator in Bristol (http://www.kevinsdecoration.com/).
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