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Projects update

Due to the lost my camera in the middle of Dartmoor I have been unable to add to the projects page with any recent jobs. However with a little bit of detective work and a couple of good people it was found and returned me, thanks to those involve. Check out the new addition in the project page, a central Bristol period town house finished in ,Farrow & Ball,.



Colour choice, Farrow & Ball talk 

Choosing colours during decorating can be both exciting or totally frustrating. Whilst there no firm rules and choices are subjective there is opinion that comes from experience, hence I’m often asked advice no these matters.

To improve my service I seek out experience from other professionals, that is why I recently attended a talk titled “Colour in the Home” by Joa Studholme Colour Consultant to Farrow & Ball at the weekend. An informative talk dealing with combination of colours/pigments to create distinctive atmosphere in a variety of setting avoiding common mistakes.

Whilst I wouldn’t impose my taste on clients for there preference in colour I do feel comfortable offering guidance, so when you engage Kevin’s decoration this is a addition to the service you can expect.